Cool Beach Gear - 5 Things You Don't Have For The Beach But Should


Its the long holiday weekend... and as far as travel destinations go, beach trips are always the most popular. Time to grab your beach gear and go. Check out these 5 cool items that are super handy, but probably not in your beach gear repertoire.


Parachute Towel


LL Bean's Grand Trunk Parasheet beach towel is made from nylon parachute silk. This nifty material means that the towel always stays cool even on those really hot and sunny beach days. Unlike regular towels, the Parasheet dries in just minutes and is mildew resistant. Sand doesn't stick to it. All it takes is a quick, easy shake of the towel and sand comes off. When you are ready to leave, just fold it up into its own small stow away pocket. Nice.


360 Degree Rotating Beach Chair


Suntracker Swivel Beach Chair is a lightweight, adjustable and portable beach chair that swivels 360 degrees. The cool benefit of the swivel feature is that you don't have to constantly get up to re-position your chair to face the sun as it moves. It is also helpful to keep your eye on kids who tend to be pretty mobile when on the beach. The strong, light aluminum tube frame, carrying strap, and the ability to folds down to 6 inches, make the chair easy to carry to and from the beach. 


Flip-Flop of the Stars


Havaiana Flip-Flops are not just any flip-flop.  This comfy, fashionable footwear is known as the flip-flop of the stars because of their popularity among celebrities. Havaianas are considered the original flip-flop that all the knock-offs copied. They are made from high-quality, soft 100% Brazilian rubber that is soft and durable - your feet have support but don't sink in. They have a shock absorbent midsole and great traction compared to other flip-flops. These flip-flops come in a ton of different colors and designs and will help you with your fashionista look. Check out the cool FIT line which has a back ankle strap that gives you a dressed up look.


Portable Lock Box 


Vacation Vault is a portable combination lock box safe for the beach. You can use this nifty device to keep your valuables protected on the beach while you take a dip in the water, go for a walk or grab some food or drinks. It can hold your important, personal stuff like cell phone, wallet, camera, watch, jewelry, and iPod.The compact vault is made of high impact ABS plastic that is heavy duty yet lightweight, and has a thick plastic coated wire that you can use to attach to your beach chair or lounge chair. If someone tries to steal your stuff from a Vacation Vault, they will make a quite a scene doing so.


Splash-Proof Kindle Protection


KlearKase is a splash-proof Kindle case that let's you use your Kindle on the beach without worrying about it getting scratched, wet, or sand in it. It seals 100% of the Kindle, but still allows access to all functionality.It is made of strong, transparent polycarbonate - the same material that is used in the canopy of an F22 jet! The fully sealed protection and the cool, transparant design is a definite winner.